09 décembre 2008

Hot Shot theme song

Hot Shot theme song: 倪子岡NESE "Superman" and "絕隊無敵" 倪子岡NESE "Superman" Ni bie zai zhe shuiNi zhe me ku zhe lianShei jiao ni ai kao bu qing chuWo gen ni de cha bieyeah wo shi Supermanyeah wo shi Supermanyeah wo shi Supermanyeah ni shi loserKuai dian shang yi bianWo men zai jing gong yanShei jiao ni ai kao bu qing chuWo gen ni de cha bieyeah wo shi Supermanyeah wo shi Supermanyeah wo shi Supermanyeah ni shi loserXia ke chao ren zhun bei zhun bei ting keLoser liu xia lai ca gan yan leiMei nuu dou... [Lire la suite]
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07 août 2008

Hot Shot Code (OST) (CD+DVD) Release Aug. 08

With three of Taiwan's top idols holding court, Hot Shot is hands down the most highly anticipated idol drama of the season! Fahrenheit's Wu Chun, F4's Jerry Yan, and Show Luo go head to head on the basketball court in this exciting youth sports and romance drama. What happens when a bumbling country boy with basketball dreams and the country's two top college players end up on the same ragtag college team? With Wu Chun being a former member of the Brunei national team and Jerry and Show known to be basketball enthusiasts, the... [Lire la suite]
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02 août 2008

"Hot Shot" celebrates success of first episode

source: UDNtranslated by: x-WISHFULthinking@asianfanatics.netIdol drama “Hot Shot” set a new record with the ratings of the first episode. The average rating was 2.79, which is higher than the 2.56 rating of the first episode of “Fated to Love You”.Yesterday (07/31), the cast celebrated the success of the first episode. Main lead Show Luo, who just returned after celebrating his birthday in Hong Kong, also attended the celebration. Show said that when he was in Hong Kong, there were already many fans asking when “Hot Shot” will... [Lire la suite]
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29 juillet 2008

2008-07-25 罗志祥“狗吃屎”抢镜 言承旭现身破谣言

7月24日,由三大超级偶像帅哥言承旭、吴尊、罗志祥所主演的偶像剧《篮球火》终于要在本周末上映了,这部被视为年度最强卡司的偶像剧,从开拍至今都一直备受瞩目。今天几位主角都来到西门町电影城为戏造势,同时也陪着影迷一起提前欣赏第一集的剧情。这次的偶像剧首映举办在电影院中,让演员及影迷可以透过大屏幕抢先目睹第一集的剧情,吴尊与小猪皆表示可以在电影院欣赏到自己的作品很兴奋也很期待,也希望大家可以喜欢这部偶像剧。偶像剧一上映就将与目前收视率破十的强档偶像剧《命中注定我爱你》正面对决,面对收视率压力,小猪表示不会有压力,因为输赢不重要,而他也尊重观众的选择,毕竟有么多好的偶像剧竞争,代表着台湾偶像剧正进步中,对于整个生态来说是正面的。 Source: http://music.ent.tom.com/2008-07-25/0009/86369223.html IMAGES ... [Lire la suite]
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29 juillet 2008

Show Luo Calls Chun Wu Zun "Baby" - Gets Harassed by Jerry Yan While Filming

*Do Not Repost/Reuse Elsewhere Without Prior Permission*Show Lo Calls Chun Wu "Baby" - Gets Harassed by Jerry Yan While FilmingJerry Yan not only stole the spotlight away from Show Lo at the "Hot Shot" premiere event, but also harassed him in private. In a scene where the two have a ball combat, the basketball in Jerry Yan has no eyes, and directly hit Show's "private area," hurting him so badly that he couldn't speak. There was also one part where the cameras had missed, where Jerry was... [Lire la suite]
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28 juillet 2008

Hot Shot’s Premiere Event, Show Lo and Chun Wu Represent, Jerry Yan Fails To Attend, Thursday July 24, 2008 Taiwan

The highly anticipated idol drama, with a super dream team lineup of actors, and a combination of sports, dreams, love, and friendship, “HOT SHOT,” finally held its premiere event on 07/24. Starring actors Show Lo, Chun Wu, Coco Jiang, Michael Chang, George Hu, Chou Cai Shih, etc, attended, but one of the main actors Jerry Yan failed to attend.At the premiere event, the actors first had a meet and greet with the fans, where lucky fans also played games with these actors. First, they were divided into two teams for a basketball... [Lire la suite]
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27 juillet 2008

Hot Shot Cute “Q Dolls,” Jerry Yan Out?

Hot Shot Cute “Q Dolls,” Jerry Yan Out?07/24/2008Idol drama competition! The GTV drama starring Jerry Yan, Show “Xiao Zhu [Little Pig]” Lo, and Chun Wu, “Hot Shot” going to air soon. The promotions for the drama are immense, spending $50 million to create a gaming software, with Jerry, Show, and Chun’s animated characters, and 40 other different merchandising, to compete with Ethan Ruan, Qiao En Chen’s “Fated to Love You.”Hot Shot Premiere Today, Advertising Merchandise“Hot Shot” will premier on TV this coming Sunday (27th)... [Lire la suite]
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27 juillet 2008

"Hot Shot" premiere; Jerry Yan attends, Show Luo trips on stage

Jerry (left) pokes out tongue acting cute, Show (middle) awkwardly smiles facing Chun (right)source: UDNtranslated by: x-WISHFULthinking@asianfanatics.netAt the premiere of “Hot Shot”, Jerry Yan, who was initially unable to attend, made a surprise appearance at the event. Show Luo, who did not know Jerry was going to attend, accidentally tripped on stage. When the host asked if he purposely tripped, Show replied: “Purpose my ass!” He awkwardly smiled and said: “Hope everyone can forget what just happened, nice camera man please... [Lire la suite]
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17 juillet 2008

Hot Shot Pictorial Book to Go on Sale on July 31

Pictorial book pre-date: 2008/7/14-2008/07/28source: http://www.kadokawa.com.tw/details.asp?id=3002#posted at www.jerryyan.orgposted by kkla@www.nbbbs.comA Hot Shot photo album will be released by GTV on July 31.Price is NT424. Preorder: July 14 and July 28. Hot Shot Pictorial book Source: http://asianfanatics.net/forum/Hot-Shot-Pictorial-Book-to-Go-on-Sale-on-July-31-talk560228.html
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31 mars 2008

Wu Zun enjoys the happiness of having two wives, does not forget to flirt with Xiao Zhu

Wu Zun and good friend Luo Zhi Shiang (Shiao Zhu) who worked together in “Hot Shot” <藍球火>, both held endorsement conferences on the 28th, the two both say that they aren’t scared to compare popularity. However, Wu Zun’s endorsement was a $138, 000 massage chair, while unit price forcing Xiao Zhu had a $20 (Taiwan Dollar by the way…) pack of chips. But Xiao Zhu’s endorsement includes China, Hong Kong and Taiwan three places, earning near $14, 000, 000, winning Wu Zun’s endorsement of $6 000 000 which only includes the Taiwan... [Lire la suite]
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