03 février 2010

Ending of "Hi My Sweetheart", Xiao Zhu fulfills marrying Rainie Yang

Source: udn.com Translated by: tdrama*addict @ asianfanatics.net Producer Angie Cai produced over 20 idol dramas, this is the first time that she had a wedding as the finale wrap up. Tomorrow on CTS "Hi My Sweetheart" will air a 45 minute version having Xiao Zhu fulfilling wishes of marrying Rainie. In order to calm the prior complaints about shortening of the drama, the vice president of CTS yesterday not only gave out monetary prize to Angie for 1,000,000 view counts, but also gave out 2 gold medals with a... [Lire la suite]
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13 janvier 2010

It was like kissing a brother

PRACTICE makes perfect. When actress-singer Rainie Yang, 25, and actor-host Show Luo, 30, first shot a kissing scene in Taiwanese series Hi, My Sweetheart, there was no chemistry. They were just too shy to film the scene in which they had to lock lips and get cosy in bed after having a drink too many. But, like it or not, they were ordered by the director to give it their best shot. So they shed their awkwardness and dutifully heated up the screen for the idol drama, which is currently showing on E City (StarHub Ch... [Lire la suite]
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29 décembre 2009

Rainie Yang and Show Luo’s Hot Passionate Kiss and Hot Bed Scene Being Described as Incest

Source: ChinaNews Translation: endlessjoy @ Asianfanatics.net December 28, 2009, on CTS, Rainie Yang and Show Luo (Xiao Zhu) kissed nonstop in the idol drama <Hi My Sweetheart>! Earlier they filmed a hotel-drunken-bed scene; due to the lack of chemistry when filming the kiss scene, the director requested that they demonstrate “fiercely hit and passionately kiss” in front of the camera. The two can only follow the director’s instructions and kiss like two octopus lips. According to “Ming Bao,” after the... [Lire la suite]
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29 décembre 2009

Rainie Yang Suspected of Having a Secret Crush on Show Luo

Source: HKHeadline.com Translation: endlessjoy @ Asianfanatics.net Yesterday, Rainie Yang held a press conference for her new album, announcing that in January of next year she will release her “Ai Mei” single (mini album) in Japan. Her good friend Vivian Hsu congratulated her through a video clip that was recorded earlier. While doing so, she also broke the secret of Rainie’s love and appreciation for V6. Rainie admitted with a blushing face, saying that she loved V6 since she was young; she will record their shows... [Lire la suite]
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06 décembre 2009

Finishes Filming; Show Luo and Rainie Yang Not Looking Good

Source: China Times Translation: endlessjoy @ Asianfanatics.net Show Luo and Rainie Yang kisses out ratings; in just 1.5 hours, they kissed 4 times, allowing the ratings for CTS <Hi My Sweetheart> to increase. However, when finishing the very last scene in Kaohsiung and celebrating Director Lin He Lung’s birthday, they did not look too happy. It’s because they were filming and preparing for their new albums at the same time; in the end, in just 3 days, they finished filming 4 episodes. Everyday they only slept... [Lire la suite]
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08 novembre 2009

Rainie Yang and Xiao Zhu's real kiss, ex-lover Xiao Gui gets jealous

Source ChinatimesTranslated by Elvenstar @ http://asianfanatics.netShow Luo and Rainie Yang kiss for GTV's "Hi, My Sweetheart", has it turned into a real romance? Xiao Gui's role is extremely embarrassing as he is Xiao Zhu's best friend and also an ex-lover of Rainie Yang. He said he doesn't mind if they turn the acting into something real, "Am more concerned that if they get together or if they break up, everyone will come ask me about it, I don't want to be pushed into this forming a 3 way... [Lire la suite]
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07 novembre 2009

Rainie Yang Forces Kiss, Show Luo Fans Revolt

Source: Liberty Times, Yahoo! NewsTranslation: endlessjoy @ Asianfanatics.netRainie Yang forces kisses on Show Luo (Xiao Zhu). His fans were watching from aside and when they witnessed their idol being sexually harassed, they let out sounds of pain. There were even fans so out of control who immediately cried. It scared Rainie, and she had to explain to them, “We are only close like siblings, don’t misunderstand.”In the CTS drama, <Hi My Sweetheart>, Rainie is the “violent girl” and Show is the “mushroom head;” the... [Lire la suite]
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04 novembre 2009

Vanness Wu kissing other girls makes Ady An very jealous; wants to add oil together with Show Luo

Source: NOWnewsTranslation: Sarah @ http://asianfanatics.netSETTV idol drama ‘Autumn’s Concerto’ aired its 5th episode last Sunday, and it left a big impression on the audience. Besides making the audience tear up constantly, the ratings also did very well! On the 2nd, main leads Vanness Wu, Ady An, Tiffany Hsu & Chris Wu happily ate kingfish to celebrate. Reporters at the event also asked SETTV general producer Chen Yu Shan whether she really will be leaving SETTV but her reply was quite ambiguous: “There are many... [Lire la suite]
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03 novembre 2009

Xiao Zhu Denies Mushroom Head is Copy of Lu Guang Zhong

Source:  YAMTranslated by Cmiley @ http://asianfanatics.netPlease link or credit properly if this is posted elsewhereIn CTS drama “Shanghai Sweetheart/Hai Pai Tian Xin”, Show Luo (Xiao Zhu) portrays (Lin Da Lang) a mushroom head, mean eyebrow look and scooped chin, because of the interesting “home boy” look; he’s favoured by advertising sponsors. To many others they think the image is from Lu Guang Zhong, on the 2nd it was strongly responded: “3 years ago I discussed with Cai, to say its copied, it should be said... [Lire la suite]
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16 octobre 2009

Show Luo's new mushroom hairstyle is on fire; 'Shanghai Sweetheart' confirmed to air in November

Show Luo's new mushroom hairstyle is on fire; 'Shanghai Sweetheart' confirmed to air in November Source: Taipei WalkerTranslation: Sarah @ http://asianfanatics.netShow Luo & Rainie Yang's new idol drama 'Shanghai Sweetheart' will enter the Sunday night idol drama battle on the 1st of November, replacing CTS drama 'Roseate Love' and battling against SETTV's 'Autumn's Concerto/Next Station, Happiness'. The other idol drama 'Calling For Love' which was originally slated to release in October, has not yet obtained the... [Lire la suite]
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