Show Lo ZhiXiang spent White Day with 160 of his female fans; he even picked some lucky fan(s) to enjoy Disney's latest 3-D film, Gnomeo and Juliet, with him. He is busy promoting his upcoming concert and various autograph concerts; he sleeps less than four hours a day!

"We've done four autograph concerts in a row; my co-workers are all exhausted. Although my arms and shoulders are sore, when I see, at each event, my fans doing the dance moves for 獨一無二 Only You [Du Yi Wu Er Only You], I just feel so happy!" He will be holding a concert in Tainan on the 19th; it will be held at the outdoor stadium of the Taiwan College of Physical Education. The tickets to the concert-- all 18,000 of them-- have sold out; it is estimated that they will make a profit of $40 million NTD.

(1) White Day is another Valentine's Day, celebrated by a few countries in Asia, mainly Japan, Taiwan, and S. Korea. Western Valentine's Day in Asia is a bit of a role reversal: girls typically give homemade or store-bought chocolates to their crushes. It's on White Day that the boys respond with their own presents.
(2) The Chinese doesn't specify whether one or more lucky fans were picked for the movie screening.