Show Lo ZhiXiang (XiaoZhu)'s record company placed a statue of him in the square before Taipei Main Metro Station; Wilber Pan WeiBo had an autograph concert in the same place the very next day. As a result, Show's statue was turned around and covered with cloth. Rumor has it that the two will also be appearing together at Japan's Asia Music Summer Concert, which is set for April 24. So, is Show upset that his statue was covered up so unceremoniously? Show's manager said that he thinks the whole thing is a lot of fun and that there is nothing to it at all; the two are good friends.

The two may be good friends, but they are rivals on stage. Both favor strong and powerful dance songs. In Wilber's single, UUU, he sings, "I'm crazy over uuuuu"; in Show's single, 獨一無二 Only You [Du Yi Wu Er Only You], he sings, "only only uuu." Both compete for the hearts of young girls.

The two will participate in Japan's Asia Music Summer Concert, along with Vanness Wu JianHao and Da Mouth. As of present, concert plans have not been affected by the earthquake in Japan. Kylie Minogue will perform in Japan the day before.