HE IS no stranger to controversy.

Just two years ago, pictures of Taiwanese singer Show Luo surfaced after a girl he met online sold the pictures to a Taiwanese magazine.

The two had apparently become close after they chatted on MSN.

But it seems Luo, 32, is not too bothered by the seemingly bad press.

He is still at it, spending a lot of time over the Internet in the last two months on more webcam chats.

This time round, it seems, he has been talking to another man - said to be well built and good looking.

The new set of pictures has Luo in poses that are slightly effeminate.

So could the singer now be 'batting for the other side'?

Not true, said Luo: Their conversations never stray past work and romance.

He said with a laugh: 'Yes, that guy definitely has a good body.

'And yes, we also chat every day.

'Sometimes, if what he has to tell me is urgent, he will even come straight to my house!'

As for the effeminate pictures that he has posted, Luo said the pictures were taken for fun.

Evidently, Luo isn't taking thsee rumours seriously.

If anything, he said these new photographs will make his fans laugh as they see him playing the clown.

Actually, the unnamed muscle man is Luo's recently-hired trainer, who - it seems - is something of a celebrity himself.

Luo apparently is planning to to buff up - he hired the instructor to put him through an intensive training programme.

Said Luo: 'I've known my trainer only for the last two months but in this time I feel that we've known each other forever.'

While the connection between the two is strong, it's a lot of work.

Especially when it is obvious that Luo's new trainer is a hard task master.

Training hard

Even when Luo gets home after a long day of filming, he will still get in front of his webcam and exercise to his trainer's instructions.

The training programme enables Luo to squeeze time out of his busy work schedule to achieve his dream physique.

The singer says the online relationship is tough.

Even if he gets tired and can't take any more, he gets a yelling - which is meant to motivate him.

Luo understands that getting into tip-top shape is a lot of work, especially since some moves are hard to master as the trainer is not next to him to show him exactly how they are done.

But the trainer is confident Luo will ace his exercise sessions.

He said: 'I've seen Show's current physique and believe that he can achieve the fantastic body that he wants.'

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