13 janvier 2011

Climax of Red/White Face-Off : Show Lo As Finale Performance, White Team Wins

The highly anticipated "2011 Superstar Red White Face Off" by TTV entered the Taipei Arena on 01/10, with artists split between red and white teams, there were a total of 28 performances of non-stop climax after climax. Including Show Lo, Elva Hsiao, David Tao, Daniel Chan, JJ Lin, Kenji Wu, Aoyama Thelma, Kousuke Atari and Korean groups After School and SHINee, and many others, filming from 7 PM to 12 AM with the camera continuously rolling, a new record for a special program in the country. In the end Harlem Yu celebrated his white team victory, winning 2 years in a row! The victory flag was presented to Harlem by Show Lo, where Harlem loudly exclaimed, "Our Red White Troupe, Here To Serve You Every Year!"

Show Lo's Performance Photos Finally Revealed

This year, CTV also invited Korean groups in a competition, TTV's "Red Vs White" was nervous, and played too mysteriously, causing the whole performance to go a little haywire. The artists and managements were unable to attain a schedule of the event beforehand, so when time came no one knew what to do, and some artists didn't even get to walk the "Red Carpet." Show Lo, Daniel Chan, Gigi Leung, and David Tao's spectacular performance photos were also buried for a day and was finally released yesterday.

Despite all that, the performance of the night that heated the Taipei Arena to it's highest point, was none other than Asia Dance King Show Lo's finale performance. As not to disappoint as the Red White Ambassador, he rounded up 50 performers, that marched up from the audience, then Show Lo made a grand explosive entrance on stage. Show especially arranged for a Chinese-bamboo accompanied version of his dance piece "Jing Wu Men (Dance Gate)" bringing in the Lunar New Year atmosphere with his golden fans, movements in sync and smooth, while he also didn't forget to interact with his fans in the audience, asking everyone to vote and cheer him on! His entire performance had everyone in the audience screaming crazily. The level of spectacular was off the charts, giving a big booster for the white team.

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