12 janvier 2011

Show Lo Doesn't Do Magic Tricks For Girls, Likes Writing Love Letters



Show "Xiao Zhu (Little Pig)" Lo is on a roll with endorsements, last year he, Vic Chou, and Mark Chao endorsed for different products from the same company, this year he took over the endorsement events for the company by himself, $5 Million rolled into his pocket.

Today, he endorsed for the set of magic Disney figurines that the convenience store is releasing. Becoming a magician and showed off a magic trick of "pulling a toy figurine from a poster," surprising all the little kids at the event. With this, We couldn't help be think of his good friend, Jay Chou, who also likes doing magic tricks. Show laughed and said, "His tricks are more difficult, mine is more just for entertainment, little kids like it more." When asked if he would do magic tricks to earn the hearts of girls, Show said, "This (magic) wasn't popular in our time, we used old methods, wrote letters."

Show also jokingly sighed, saying that being a celebrity is hard, because 2 days ago, he was in China for another endorsement with Angela Chang, where he had to eat ice cream in -9 degrees celcius weather, and he had to eat 20 of them, he was basically an icicle in and out. He joked, "Celebrities really do need to know every trick of the trade."

Show's new stature was said to have been trained through Eddie Pan's aerobic exercises, building the "Career-line" on his pecs. But he emphasized, "I only did aerobic exercises to be fit and cut, I won't be stripping for the new album. If I did then people are going to say that I copied (Kenji Wu). How about if I just show my back?"

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