16 novembre 2010

Show Luo promoted to director

Show Luo once again shot the catalogue for Manhattan Portage messenger bags. As not only the spokesperson but also the director, he decided to move the location for the shoot back to Taiwan streets, showing a completely different style but yet still looking handsome.

This time, Show Luo is not only the spokesperson but has also been promoted to director and he made his mark by implanting a lot of creative ideas into the shoot for example one of the style for the shoot was to incorporate the messenger bag with a rockstar-like concert and using his creativeness, Show Luo decided to change the messenger bag into a electric guitar. Using visual effects, the final photo was stunning because not only did it magnifies the qualities of the messenger bag, it also showed his charisma on stage.

"Out of all the advertisements out there, the hardest one of all would be bags because one would have to know how to bring out the characteristics and qualities of the bag, that's why I had done my homework trying to think of different ways and poses to show it." Show Luo also expressed that he is very happy seeing his celebrity friends and youngsters using the brand and hopes that more people would continue to support it.

Manhattan Portage was established in 1980 and started in the direction to provide customer-oriented designs. In 1983, using the brand, their logo and their simple philosophy of "A Bag For Everyone", they created the first backpack solely designed for the citizens of New York. This year, they invited the fashionable Show Luo to be their spokesperson in hopes that through the charismatic King of Mando-pop influence and charms, the brand Manhattan Portage would be further recommended and introduced to many others.

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