05 août 2010

Show Lo Afraid of Death ; Gets a Physical

Show Lo Afraid of Death ; Gets a Physical
August 3, 2010
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Show "Xiao Zhu (Little Pig)" Lo's father had passed away 5 years ago due to liver cancer, with now only his mother depending on him. Ever since, he's become very afraid of death and would get physicals twice a year. Even though he's a superstar, but he still received a genital examination, scrotal ultrasounds, etc. "Little Little Pig" had to be probed. And for his colonoscopy, he drank 2000 c.c. of laxatives, which left his stomach in painful misery.

One Year - Two Times

He just had his 31st birthday, and before that he had gone to get a physical. He was examined from head to toe, inside and out, spending $26,000. The urology section is what makes him feel awkward most. But good thing the doctor was male this year, because last year he was appointed with a female doctor, which made him extremely shy. He could only comfort himself saying, "Good thing she's just a mommy-type doctor."

During the colonoscopy, though he was sedated and didn't feel any pain, but he had to clean out his intestines beforehand. The night before he drank 1000 c.c. of laxatives, unthinkably, on the day of the exam, the doctor took an x-ray and found that his intestines weren't cleaned out well enough, so had Sho drink another 1000 c.c. He was running in and out of the bathroom non-stop at the clinic, telling his manager, "I'm about to collapse (from dehydration)."

But the results came out, and besides eating too quickly, and having a tiny ulcer, his health report came out with very positive results, making Show proud and happy. Being the filial son he is, he cares even more about his mother's health. On his 31st birthday, he especially wished, "I hope mom would obediently go and get a physical."

Show Lo's Physical - Throws Coolness Down the Drain

● Cleaning Out Bowels
Drank 2000 c.c of laxatives, Running to the toilet constantly at the clinic

● Urinary Palpitation
"Little Little Pig" gets probed by male doctor, awkward and embarrassing

● Fear of seeing red
Cowardly, afraid of seeing blood, covers eyes while drawing blood

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