07 juillet 2010

Spoiling chances of rumors: Show Lo and Tia Li have no chance of reunion

Yesterday, Show Lo filmed a commercial. In his hand is list of sanitary napkin/items he purchases for a female co-worker, emerging with a "Good Man" image (Bright and Heroic)
Show Lo (Xiao Zhu) has endorsed Watson's for 3 straight years. A few days ago, he filmed the "Good Friend" sanitary napkin commercial at the Hua Shan Cultural and Creative Industry Center like he has before. However, the female lead of the commercial has switched from last year's Tia Li to a model with short hair. It is reported that Show is reported by the company's consumers to be the endorser that best hits the mark as the most intimate, yet strong, male entertainer (the best in female entertainers would be Xiao S). Besides wanting him to renew his contract, they've rewarded him by increasing his last year's contract of 4 million TWD to this year's 5 million TWD.

She is coming out with a book, price has become 6-fold

The day of the commercial, he had returned to Taiwan in the early hours of the morning and had to wake up at 6 to get to the site. Because of the lack of sleep, he was not cautious there and hit his head on a desk. He clutched his head, shouting it hurt, and hilariously said, "That 'sanitary napkin,' can males use it, too?" Within the commercial, he helps a female co-worker buy sanitary napkins.

Show and Tia Li met last year in December when they filmed a Watson's commercial together. Later, she was photographed hurrying to his house late at night. Rumors of their relationship spread, yet died as they met the light. Nowadays, Tia Li has switched streets. Her manager, Eric, calmly said they hadn't received an invite, "At that time, she hadn't been a spokesperson, and instead had filmed with a model's status, getting the commercial as a model." It is reported that at the time, her advertisements earned her 200,000 TWD. After she became increasingly popular following relationship rumors with Show, her advertisement worth has jumped to 1.2 million TWD, her social status increasing unimaginably. At the end of July, she is coming out with a self-portrait book (short autobiography), baring all of herself yet not revealing "three dots" (revealing all of herself within the book, yet not her physical self).

Selling self, will sell any part

Show's popularity is unyielding, and this year is already endorsing 10 different products: watches [MorrisK], jeans [Big Jeans], Pepsi, bread [FamilyMart], potato chips [Lay's], and more. He laughingly said, "I still have my face and body to sell!" He most wants to endorse a facial cleanser/maintenance or shampoo product. Watson's public relations director, Cheng Jie Yi, announced yesterday that the commercial will air in August and its story is a company secret, not allowing any news.

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