31 décembre 2009

Show Lo Opens Fashion Store, Heads For International Market

Artist starts business: Show Luo opens fashion store, heading for international market News Source: Yahoo! Taiwan translated by: casablanca-- @ asianfanatics.net please do not repost without permission "Xiao Zhu" Show Luo is always a happy character, full of life and presenting a happy face for others. In recent years, he has worked his interests and hobbies into his own fashion line --STAGE, which sells clothing, hats, jeans, and accessories. Within 3 years, STAGE has already become a favoured store in Bei Gao,... [Lire la suite]
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27 septembre 2007

Show Luo Names Himself 'King'

http://ol.mingpao.com/cfm/star5.cfm?File=2.../saa01/mcf2.txthttp://asianfanatics.net/forum/translated by dee-lush Show Luo Names Himself 'King' Show Luo, who has been branded ‘male version Jolin Tsai, has followed the path of this rumoured girlfriend. Like Jolin, Show has incorporated pole dancing into his performance. While Jolin has self styled herself as a ‘princess’, Show has named himself ‘king’. As Jolin is busy filming 3 musical movies, Show has just released his latest book, ‘Show on Stage- King’s... [Lire la suite]
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16 septembre 2007

Show Luo And His Favorite Dog - Inseparable : Becomes Vet and Delivers Puppies

Taiwanese entertainer Show Luo ("Xiao Zhu") has recently been taking his favorite dog companion, Babu, everywhere, even to work. He took Babu to the recording studio and posted pictures into his blog, acting out a "Man&Dog" napping sequence."Personal Delivery"Show Luo loves his dogs like he would his children. He had even personally delivered puppies before. He has many, many pets in his home, and they're all happy and healthy. A few years ago, Show, for the first time, had helped his dog... [Lire la suite]
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01 août 2007

罗志祥生日惊喜 好友一行人拉着横幅接机

小猪的“18岁生日”够惊喜 新浪娱乐讯 罗志祥(blog)(小 猪)前日(7月30日)28岁生日,但却搞笑地于博客内坚称自己18岁牛一(新浪注解:牛一是广东话,意思是生日)。由于要赶回台湾,小猪需在飞机上度过 踏入生日的一刻。上机前后他忙于查看手机,看看他的死党Party Boys有没有传短信祝福他,可惜结果令他大失所望。 岂料小猪抵台步出机场时,却见Party Boys一行七人拉着横幅接机,原来Party Boys与小猪的助手串通,希望给寿星仔一个神秘惊喜,结果当然令小猪喜出望外。 Source: http://ent.sina.com.cn/
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26 juin 2007


姓  名:罗志祥(blog) 绰  号:小猪 血  型:A 星  座:狮子座 身  高:180cm 体  重:70kg 生  日:1979年7月30日 嗜  好:打篮球、游泳 专  长:打鼓、跳舞、唱歌、跳水、编舞 座右铭:把握每一个小小的机会 喜欢的事:跳舞、买衣服、逛街 喜欢的女生类型:孝顺、乖巧、有爱心 唱片: 1996年成立四大天王发行首张专辑【恰恰舞池】 1997年四大天王第二张专辑【嘿哪喔啊嘉年华】 1997年四大天王第三张专辑【我喜欢】 1998年四大天王第四张专辑【甜蜜蜜】 1999年罗密欧发行首张专辑【猫叫春】 2000年罗密欧第二张专辑【动起来】 2003年《SHOW TIME》 2004年《达人SHOW》 2005年《催眠SHOW》 2006年《SPESHOW》戏剧: 《转角遇到爱》《斗鱼2》《HI,上班女郎》 ... [Lire la suite]
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15 juin 2007

Xiao Zhu's shop adress

L'adresse de Stage le magasin de Xiao Zhu est à l'adresse indiqué en dessous:小猪's shop is here: 台北市西門町開封街2段66號   
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10 mai 2007

Xiao Zhu: Next time still want to be father and son

Show Luo is a very lively and humorous person but his father's death due to cancer had made him really depress for a period of time.Source : Appledailytranslated by minivicki @ http://asianfanatics.netArtiste speak out - Xiao Zhu: Next time still want to be father and son.I'm the type of person who doesn't cry easily as I put on a strong front no matter what. But when my dad passed away due to cancer, it was the time where I cried the most ever in my life. I remember the day before the illness stroke, I just came back to Taipei... [Lire la suite]
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01 avril 2007

"Xiao Zhu" Show Luo: His Difficult Road to Success

The name "Luo Zhi Xiang" could belong to many, whether in Causeway Bay or Taipei. When the name is called, a few could respond, "Are you calling me?" Although the name is ordinary, appearing extraordinary is the most difficult. Some people are born as stars, but "Xiao Zhu" Luo Zhi Xiang is born to imitate celebrities. That is not an easy job to take. Every minute you might be hated from that celebrity's fans. From an imitator, he came a real stage star. This difficult road is deeply treasured... [Lire la suite]
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20 mars 2007

family 家

L'une de ses qualités que j'apprécie le plus c'est qu'il est très famille. Très proche de ses parents. Il a très mal vécu le décès de son père. Cette période a inspiré Jay Chou qui lui a écrit une chanson. Lors de son premier vrai grand concert il a rendu hommage à ses parents. J'ai pleuré autant que lui. Sa m'a trop ému. Vraiment très proche de sa mère, on la voit régulièrement dans ses apparitions. 罗妈妈和楊丞琳
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21 janvier 2007


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